North America get really famous among Polish citizens, especially when airline carriers lower prices for intercontinental flights much. Passengers wish to visit USA, cause they know it very well from mass culture.

But even Canada, northern neighbor of States is really great country to go to, and even more available.
Remember before the flight

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If you wish to spend next holidays in Canada you do not have to waste a lot of hours and energy to get a visa, because with this country it’s a lot simpler. Since several years people from our country don’t need to arrange any interview with consul, such as in case of United State’s visa.

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You just need to remember to create a dedicated account online, on special Canadian webpage for foreign travelers. It cost couple of dollars and should take only about few minutes. Beside, if you like to visit this amazing place you have to have valid passport, because ID won’t be enough. You must to remember about laws about food on board. Whole North America do not accept any food or beverages from European Union, until it’s tested by there people.

Where to go?
Canada got plenty of interesting cities which would be perfect for summer holidays. Some of the most famous is Montreal, beautiful area in the heart of America. It used to be the main capital of French pilgrims, so even today you will find in there nice instances of buildings.

Really great is Notre Dame cathedral, which is authentic, medieval church, founded in France and then shipped to Canada in many pieces. Another great place, but much more modern, is Toronto. It’s famous thanks to CN Tower, that were the tallest building in the world, for a lot of decades.