Regularly to the spot where you want to fly you can’t go strictly or flight itself isn’t really worthwhile when we talk about money. Systematically strictly to a dreamed target only fly private airplanes and it costs is very high. So where to go?

If our goal is in southern Europe and directly in Italy and the southern France a very interesting idea is to benefit from the close airports. Milan is one of them. Go to the airport where costs really little. The another meaningful thing is the frequency.


Autor: Nicolas Vigier

Flights to Milan are very common and practical for many airports in all European countries (visit this page). Additionaly to visiting Milan can’t afford to take a trip to both the close possibilities and hiring a vehicle and travel south to the blue water or to the northern part into the tops. Locations that are available to us is quite a lot. When you only find flights to Milan is best to immediately take advantage of the offer. Another target, that is likely to serve us as the place where the journey will start, is Prague. Prague as a hub for central Europe is good suited for that purpose.


Autor: Elliott Brown

Almost everywhere from here is close. In one time you is likely to reach the sea to the north part, over the sea to the southern part and within a few hours in the close tops. The city itself is also beautiful. Flights to Czech Republic are not so typical (read). Prague competes with few other nearby towns that possess more attractions. Czech Republic cannot, by the way, compete with other countries for travelers – strictly because that they have no access to the sea. However, the attractive cost flights to Czech republic tempt cheap price.

Good to try, these interesting destinations. When you do not even tourists at least when we want to go on the trip.