I have always spent my holidays in a very active way. For instance, I was backpacking in some of these African countries, wondering around various deserts or doing other crazy things. But even though those activities were different, they had always 1 aspect in common – they were always very physically demanding. Usually I was spending such active holidays with my best good friend Nicole. This year we couldn’t go for a holiday together as my partner didn’t get free days in September so I had to postpone my journey for a few week. Consequently, my friend went for a holiday alone. Luckily, she didn’t seem to be upset about this fact.

exotic beach

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I met Nicole last week to talk about what she did and what she experienced. I was expecting to hear some crazy stories but it turned out I was wrong. She went to Santorini – one of these very beautiful Greek island. It was a big surprise for me, as I never thought about her as about spmebody that would go to such typical holiday places. However what was even a bigger surprise for me – she stayed in 1 of those luxury hotels santorini.

I should admit – at the beginning I thought this was just stupid. I was expecting to hear some wild stories about travelling wild forest alone and sleeping mainly in a tent. But when she showed me pictures, completely changes my opinion. When I saw them I realized that I want to spend my holiday not only on the same island as her, but also in one of those luxury hotels.


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Just imagine the service you would get in such hotels. She has been almost three weeks in 1 of luxury hotels santorini, and what she told me was that every single thing was perfect. Could you imagine that? Within such a long stay she didn’t have not even one thing she had to complain about. Nice personel, amazing food, good service. But I need to admit that what actually convinced me was another thing. In luxury hotels you always have great views! Don’t have to worry about tiny, dirty rooms just to save a few pounds. She told me that each morning when she started her day, she was able to admire amazing beach.

When she was enjoying a dinner, she could enjoy the view of gorgeous cliff. I was jealous so badly. But when she showed me photos of the view from a hotel bedroom, decided to go there as well! Thus, this year I will to enjoy all of these benefits which luxury hotels santorini have in their offer. I believe that this year I will return much more relaxed.