Today, present people would like to find locations which used to be ordinary and not numerous foreigners needed to travel to the areas. A good example of a location which is prominent these days is Poland – trip to poland.

Why is it value to visit poland?

Capitol of Poland

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• There are plenty of interesting places to visit – there are beautiful Polish hills, clean lakes, long and broad beaches – the nature in Poland is very rich and everybody will value it (touris to Poland).

• There are worthwhile galleries which are really worth to see. Poland took part in the 2nd World War so here are numerous of galleries which are dedicated to the issue. Certain of them present the pictures of the men and ladies who participated in military actions and some of them are bigger part of history, for instance Auschwitz – where used to be found Nazi Concentrated Camp. The place is unique because the travelers can visit the areas where men and females were murdered, where they live every day and where they work. There are also plenty of photos, documents and objects. It is a true history which shows the real place from the 2nd World War.

• The weather is not so unpredictable such as in the United Kingdom – it is 1 of the most significant advantages of the location. It is clear that the weather conditions is not constant like it is in Greece where there are many warm days but it is happy for the visitors who can not stand lots of raining days during the year. Moreover, this year there was a dryness and here were many sunny times without any rainfall.

• There are lots of modern theme parks and enjoyment parks – the entertainment areas have been built from 10 years. They are modern and secure for the tourists. The biggest and one of the most fascinating is the Energy Land in Zator, in Malopolska area. There is a enormous rollercoaster which is the finest in Poland and 1 of the greatest in Europe.

• The dogs which stay chiefly in that part of Europe, for example European Bison which lives in the Bialowieza state Park – just in Poland you have a possibility to observe them!