Are you able to imagine yourself swimming in a a turquoise sea and walking in a city with white rock buildings? Well, it’s now possible. Go to Santorini and seek for yourself.


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Where Santorini lies lies?
Santorini is a island with the municipality od 15 000 people. It is situated in the heart of Aegean Sea, and its exact localisation is 120 miles from Greece’s mainland.
santorini accommodation

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What is it famous about?
Santorini island is highly recommended for tourist to spend their time there. This is all becouse of its some amazing views, friendly people, rich history and a lot of accomodations included.
What are the best tourist options for sleeping?
It’s quite obvious that tourist location must offer great number of sleepig alternatives. Examples ofn Santorini accommodation:
• Economic or exclusive hotels
• Hostels (lower standard but still very attractive
• Single private apartments
• Camping places

What are differences between those types of accommodation?
Hotel is the most expensive sort of accommodation, as it’s being the most comfortable one. On Santorini there’re a lot of 5-stars hotels, for example Homeric Poems and Carpe Diem. Even their names evoke pleasant associations with sea and beautiful Greece.
But sometimes 2-star hotel is a worse option than a popular.
Single private apartments can be suitable solution as well, when it’s important for you to have freedom from loud people living next to you.

It’s also a great Opportunity to become friends with owners of the house you live in.
Generally speaking, Santorini accommodation is more than good. Almost every single sleeping place is well rated on tourists websides.