Did every trip should be the same? Not at all - throw away old fashioned European places for still uncovered Poland. You will not regre

If you catch "Poland" what are first thoughts that you think? Several well know persons such as Robert Lewandowski or Lech Wałęsa. Maybe you've catch something about Euro 2012 or one of the national main cities such as Warsaw and Cracow. Maybe you've ordered any of polish national meals such as bigos. But it is not everything. Poland is famous for many amazing regions that are not know cause they are not worldwide famous.
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When we speaking about great charm first of all we must take a look at polish mountains. Here we have few types. The greatest are Tatras. If you want to choose some difficult way organize trip to Poland and try track to Rysy or famous one named "Orla Perć". That second one is called the hardest route in Poland and one of the longest in Tatras. When you want see some wonderful sights pick path to Czarny Staw with is uncovered lake among the Tatras.

Other interesting mountains are Bieszczady. There are lower mountaintops but we have wonderful flora and lake Solińskie with is miracle in that location. When you arrange tours to Poland you can't forget about national sea. Baltic is rather cold sea, but it distinguished by amazing flora and awesome spa along the coast. Interesting place is Mazury where you can find many smaller or bigger natural reservoirs. Trip (go to the site) to Poland can't be done without that point.

When you rent a boat you can sail across many of them by couple days. It's wonderful option when you have a guy with license. Other choice when you try towould like to do the tours to Poland is capital city and city of kings. First one is Warsaw - should open: tourist with quide</a , the most industrialized region in Poland and the second is a region with the greatest quantity of catherdrals.