Cruise to the middle of Asia in reasonable price

uzbekistan vacation
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When spring is coming, it is exact time to begin to planning next vacations. Cause when we like to spend them in some well, exotic area and we don't want to waste too much money, we have to act fast.

Holidays in central Asia in attractive price

Right now, Polish tourist often have a difficult time to decide where to go for holidays. It's all because of cheap airline companies, that are creating new connections from our country every year.

Journey inspirations - the best city for longer weekend.

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When cheap airline companies showed up in Europe, everything has changed. Tourist started to use more and more airplanes, because plenty of them were wealthy enough for it. Nowadays, when we are wishing to go anywhere, we are choosing the air trips. And it doesn't important if it's just a journey from Krakow to Wroclaw, or longer distance from Barcelona to Vienna. The flight is always quick, in low price and secure. If you are looking for some travel ideas for weekend, maybe you could consider to go to Germany? Flights to Frankfurt are in very fine prizes. or maybe anything warmer, such as Larnaca on Cyprus?

Proposition for fly? Fly to Kyrgyzstan

bishkek vacation
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Individuals from Poland are travelling all around the world nowadays. Nothing weird in that, country is developed, and inhabitants are becoming more wealthy each year. Because of that, a lot more connections are creating by cheap airline carriers.

Great idea for trip? Go to Kazakhstan

charyn canyon tour
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Right now, Polish people are traveling a lot more then their ancestors by the time they were in the same age. Nothing odd in this, cause a lot of things had modify in our country in past ten years.

City break or whole vacations?

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Poland is developing state, but year by year, existence in this area is more convenient. After we became a part of European Union, the way of our transportation had modify. Couple, tiny airline companies begun to create connections in here after that event. Because of that, now we are able to travel for a penny.
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