When spring is arriving, plenty of us begin to organize future vacations. But often is good to think about it even earlier. Nowadays, thanks to small airline companies, individuals from Poland have plenty different places to visit for a song.

When you think that you’ve been practically everywhere and you got no concept where to go, you need to choose less popular but either interesting Turkmenistan.
Where decent city to visit in this country is Mary tour to there is affordable in far more travel agencies. In there, you’ll have a chance to reserve all inclusive trip for your entire family about Mary tour. You’ll be staying in a nice hotel with delicious meals served each day and plenty of local liquors to try. But this is not the only one option to try Mary tour, you may also plan it on your own, it’s easier then you think. First of all, you have to reserve airline tickets. The faster you do it the cheaper it will be. Ideal deal you will find 6 months earlier. Beside, you have to reserve room in area. Accommodation and food in Turkmenistan are far cheaper then in our country. The airport is located in the suburbia of town, you just have to take a cab to the city.

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You are thinking about Mary tour but you know nothing about this place? There are a lot of tourists attractions, so you won’t get bored in there . First of all, you have to visit Merv, really old town founded thousands years earlier, which lies very close to the Mary. In there you will have a chance to see very great remains. Also, in the city, you can go to the Regional museum where many of artifacts connected with this place are keeping.

Mary is beautiful town which lies in the middle of desert with spectacular remains from thousands of years ago. You can purchase a tour to there in local travel agency, or plan holidays by yourself – second option is cheaper.