Nowadays, individuals who are wondering of future vacations can try multiple alternatives, it is often hard to decide where to go exactly. Nothing weird in that, cause since Poland join EU airline companies created plenty of new connections in really attractive price.

How to proceed the reservation of the ticket to waste even less money?
Proper date
The time when you want to go for vacations is really important, cause price of flights would be another in the hot season for example. In majority of European destinations, hot season is a moment during warm summer, in July and August, when the biggest amount of tourists are visiting some country. Thanks to this popularity, airline tickets are a lot more expensive, cause companies don’t need to be worry that some seat will not be taken. That is why when you want to visit place such as Venice and Rome for example, instead of August and July trip, select one in June and September, it’ll be a lot affordable.

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Another savings
However, a price of a flights is not only about a date, it’s also linked with luggage. Most of the cheap airline carriers are providing single piece of regular size bag in a cost of the ticket. This baggage is big enough to fit plenty of items, it should be enough space for entire journey. However, if you do not like to pay for an extra bag don’t forget that inside carry on you cannot fit too much liquids, like cosmetics for example.

Everything in this form has to be poured inside small bottle, you can collect 10 bottles tops. A lot of money you can also spare on seats, if you are travelling alone, or it’ll be only a short trip you do not need to make a reservation on current seat. This option can cost several dozens of zlotys.