In present times, we have plenty of available places to reach out from out country. Thanks to cheap airline companies, we have an opportunity to visit really far away lands. You wish to visit your relatives in Australia? It is far less costly then you could imagine. Or perhaps you prefer to spend your holidays in some nice, western capital? No problem with that also. But what if we’re searching for some great, not ordinary point to go to? Here are some alternatives to think about.

Have you ever been to Ukraine? if not, you have to reserve flights to Kiev. This area is filled with good tourist attractions. First, you could stay in the city for several hours to have a tour around. In there you’ll be able to explore Pechersk Lavra, the most fascinating Orthodox monastery in entire Europe.


Autor: Consuelo Ternero

Plenty of interesting mosaics and icons could be see in that place (read further on this page). After your trip around town, you can grab a domestic plane to other part of Ukraine, located next to the Black sea, such as Odessa for example. In there, you will be admiring very pleasant days, because weather is fantastic.

Perhaps you prefer to have a big tour trough entire country? Choose flights to Serbia. This little, but full of interesting places land, is perfect for all travelers, who want to journey a big time. Astonishing nature, great cities spread all around country, friendly citizens and very delicious cuisine Colorful water’s valleys, peaceful day in local forest, picnic in the top of the mountain. Also, if you choose flights to Serbia,


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don’t miss Belgrad – one of the earliest city in entire globe, with very sad history.

When you plan to spend your vacations aside from more popular resorts, choose flights to Kiev – city itself is really great, and you may travel from there to Odessa for instance. And if you prefer to have trip between nature, Serbia is the best call.