Nowadays, Polish tourists are flying all around the world. It is all possible thanks to cheap airline carriers, which are offering plenty of different connections to distant lands.


Autor: Joe Kunzler

Autor: Guillaume Speurt

Since 2017 new arrivals are possible, so when you’ve never visited middle of Asia, perhaps you consider to fly there this year? One of finest area is Turkmenistan.
When you like to fly there for a song, you need to book six months earlier plane from Warsaw to Mary Tour should be even cheaper when you take only carry on luggage. It’s medium size, so many of items and cosmetics you’ll fit. So when you don’t require it, do not pay extra for checked in luggage. After you land in Mary, you need to take a train to sea site, to Turkmenbasy for example. It won’t cost you plenty of money and should took only several hours. Also, hotels are much cheaper then in Poland, so you should not be afraid about outcomes.
If you choose flights from Warsaw to Mary tour you need to stArt by cruise in this city. It’ very old metropolis of Turkmenistan with sophisticated architecture. On one street you may observe Muslim temple, Social realism palace and modern skyscraper.

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When you land in Turkmenbasy, first you have to do is to swim in a sea. Beaches up there are for free and very convenient, you will have plenty of fun. Also, the old square of Turkmenbasy is interesting, a lot of ancient, Arabic buildings are situated in there. While being in there, you need to taste some specials of regional cuisine, it’s really delicious.

If you’re getting a difficult time to decide where to travel for future holidays, you need to choose Turkmenistan. It is very lovely country, with plenty of great monuments to explore. Also, it’s located by the sea, so you’ll be able to lay on a sand a lot.